Extra Wide Acid-Free 100% Cotton Muslin Gown Garment Bag Kit w/Muslin Hanger


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The muslin gown bag with gusset allows room for storage of several garments at once. The muslin is non-acidic, moth resistant and provides a buffer against light, humidity and contamination. The bag buttons up the front and will keep garments free of dust. Available in a variety of lengths and gusset sizes.

Dimensions:  70” x 36” x 20”

This is our designer, 70″ long x 36″ wide with a 20″ gusset, extra-wide muslin garment bag. This acid free, extra-wide garment bag is very popular solution for the storage and preservation of very full skirted dresses with long trains that maybe just too big for a box

The 70" extra-wide garment bag buttons up the front and will keep your wedding gown free of dust in your closet and will protect it from contaminants. A light dusting is all it will ever need! 

Muslin is non-acidic, stable, and provides a buffer against light, humidity and contaminants.  Museums use muslin for textile conservation and preservation for this reason.


  • An elegant padded muslin hanger which is designed to minimize stress on your delicate garments during storage.  Our 17”  muslin hanger is elegant, padded, very strong and will securely hold your wedding gown while hanging in a closet
  • A pair of white cotton gloves to keep any oils from your hands off of the textile.

Choose this bag if your looking to store your favorite item for long term storage