Have your gown Professionally Cleaned & Preserved - Guarantee & Insurance Included

Wondering what to do with your wedding gown after the big day? Whether you've just purchased it off the rack and it needs cleaning, or you're planning ahead to sell it someday, we have the perfect solutions for you. As an authorized dealer for The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. and Memories Gown Preservation, we offer a range of cleaning and preservation options tailored to your needs. We are here to service your needs! If you have questions, please feel free to call us.

Since 1913, The Wedding Gown Preservation Company in New York in which we a dealer for has been trusted by over 3,000,000 brides nationwide to preserve their cherished wedding day memories. We're proud to be an authorized online retailer of the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™, ensuring your gown remains pristine and perfect for years to come. Please reach us directly by calling 1-888-200-7820.

Explore our available options for preserving your gown today and keep your beautiful wedding day keepsake ready to share with future generations.

Services Available

$35 - Shoe Cleaning Services

Have your shoes cleaned when you send in your gown

Extra Insurance for Peace Of Mind

Having the jitters? Don't fret order the extra insurance. You can purchase starting at $30+

$35 - Slip Cleaning Services

You have the option to box the items together for $35 or separate for an additional fee.

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