24 Pack - Acid Free Buffered Tissue Paper - 20" L x 30" W

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Our acid free and buffered tissue is bright white. This tissue paper will not deteriorate over time or damage any items it touches and the buffering provides long term protection for your heirlooms.

Buffered is more often than not a benefit in interleaving tissue, storage boxes, folders, envelopes, keepsake boxes and other paper enclosures. Alkaline buffered  materials can help neutralize acids as they form.

  • 20" x 30"
  • Buffered
  • 20 Pack
  • Easy to crumble

The absence of acid means the paper will not cause any reaction with articles the paper comes into contact with, such as photographs, art prints, documents, garments and other items.

If you are unsure of your fabrics, or if they are of mixed fibers, choose our unbuffered tissue paper.